PowerView is Brilliant Media's Java-based toolkit and methodology for creating sophisticated corporate information systems—and a new, unique front-end concept for navigating the ever-growing mass of data and knowledge that confronts today's organizational leaders.


  • Collects and organizes information from disparate sources within and outside of an organization
  • Provides fluid yet sophisticated navigation and structure that facilitate dynamic, ever-improving access to information while also portraying the hard-won knowledge of a business and its leaders
  • Presents that information to decision makers in real time, in visualizations that support and enhance business processes and decision-making
  • Is based on internet and data standards

Our design methodology, combined with PowerView's capabilities, enables us to weave a client's business process and knowledge into the navigation and flow of their system, resulting in a dynamic, highly-relevant, highly-flexible solution.



Senior executives at Warner Bros. Studios use a PowerView system to support key motion picture marketing and distribution decisions. These executives say PowerView provides a significant competitive advantage, greatly improving the quality and speed of decision-making and reducing costs for the studio and its marketing efforts.

Brilliant Media recently delivered a PowerView system design to the Air Force and is currently working with DARPA and the NTA in applying PowerView to bring clarity and effectiveness to the vast array of information confronting senior commanders.

Brilliant Media welcomes inquiries from prospective clients as well as integration and technology partners via eMail at: powerview@brilliantmedia.com