Since our founding in 1992 Brilliant Media has created the industry's most successful and profitable non-game entertainment product—Peter Gabriel's Xplora (over 200,000 units sold); the movie industry's most acclaimed multimedia information system—Warner Bros. Movie Marketing System; innovative broadband designs including the Intertainer entertainment service; and highly-regarded interface designs for a wide range of venues from online to interactive television.

Among our many success stories:

Peter Gabriel's "Xplora" is on dozens of 'top' and 'best of all time' lists in magazines, books, and other media.

Our PowerView software has received widespread recognition and contributed to substantial marketing successes for Warner Bros., and is now being applied to system designs with DARPA and the National Technology Alliance.

Intertainer's UI has been widely praised for its elegance and ease of use, especially where it counts: with real users in real homes.