Brilliant Media has a long history of designing broadband and high-quality media projects. From the early days of interactive television (working with USWest and Hearst New Media) to broadband services designed for the upcoming bandwidth boom (working with Intertainer and Oracle), we've developed a deep understanding of rich media and entertainment.


Intertainer, a visually compelling and easy-to-use interface for a broadband entertainment service, provides video and music on demand, as well as eCommerce functionality, and is a powerful example of the results we are able to create for both clients and audiences.

Working with Intertainer's founders from the very beginning of their concept through to delivery of the second-generation interface deployed in real homes for real consumers, Brilliant Media helped set the cutting-edge tone of Intertainer's service. We designed several generations of interfaces and prototypes, which were instrumental in Intertainer's rapid funding and deployment.