Steve Nelson, Chief Creative Officer, founded Brilliant Media in 1992. His successes include the best-selling, award-winning Xplora: Peter Gabriel's Secret World, groundbreaking multimedia designs for Warner Bros. and other Hollywood entities, innovative online service designs for Oracle, AT&T, Cablevision, Hearst and Intertainer, and many other highly-regarded Mobile, Web, DVD, CD-ROM, kiosk and interactive television projects.

His work with Brilliant Media and as an individual has won numerous awards, including "Product of the Year" with three Interactive Academy Awards, the Interactive Media Festival Grand Prize and the Digital Hollywood Award for best music product. He has been a regular lecturer at the American Film Institute, appeared on PBS, NBC and CNN, and has spoken in front of groups as diverse as the Commonwealth Club, corporate audiences at companies including MTV, Leo Burnett and Dentsu, and industry trade shows around the world.

In addition to founding Brilliant Media, he was a director for the launch of the industry-leading Netflix Watch Now streaming service. Prior to Brilliant Media, Mr. Nelson wrote and directed television newsmagazine show segments, corporate videos and live shows for clients including Peter Norton and Ashton-Tate. He also created database systems for clients including the Children's Hospital of San Francisco and the EPA. Mr. Nelson studied psychology and languages at the University of Michigan and speaks several languages, including Chinese and Russian. He is a passionate musician, playing with the Stanford Jazz Ensemble and California Jazz Conservatory, as well as an avid instrument-rated private pilot.